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A discussion in 1921 led to a meeting at the Wynnum Town Hall in 1922 and the formation of the Wynnum Golf Club Mr Wilson Kerr, a keen golfer and in later years a prominent banker, had laid out with a Mr A. G. Oliver a nine hole golf course on open land near Wynnum North Railway station.

Wilson Kerr met with Dr Legge Wills, discussed the prospect of a golf club and sought help from Alderman J. W. (Bill) Greene, Mayor of the Wynnum Town Council. Alderman Greene presided over this club’s inaugural meeting on July 19, 1922 . A motion to form the club was moved by Dr Legge Willis seconded by Mr E. F. Hunter and a committee was formed.

Also present at the meeting were Alderman J. Patterson, Alderman H. Randall, Alderman E. A. Tardent and Mr M. Donovan.

The club’s founding fathers had embarked on a mission which over 87 years had provided bayside Wynnum with a flourishing golf club, some 1500 members and imposing clubhouse on a picturesque parkland links.

To find out more about the history of Wynnum Golf Club Inc the book “75 Years On – History of Wynnum Golf Club Inc 1922-1997” by Kev Morgan can be purchased from the office for $15.00.

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